„Our forefathers’ traditions and wisdom are still alive.”

A stone’s throw from the main road, the Šeruga Farmhouse lies peacefully in a remote, green valley, surrounded by woods and forests and encircled by a bubbling stream. Once a flour mill, now a welcoming retreat for nature lovers and those who appreciate home-made, local cuisine.

The head of the family is Slavko; his hard work now ensures that guests can enjoy the delicious organic food, accompanied by the glass or two of an excellent cviček (typical rosé of the region). Lili and Eva are the heart and soul of the farm– their aim is to ensure that the food is as good as it possibly can be and they are only happy when it is the case. Rok and Nejc, younger sons, help whenever they can. Sometimes even Rena, the family’s golden retriever, joins in and presents you with a freshly-laid egg, stolen from the hens’nest.