„Wandering through the fields …”

The surrounding aea is no less hospitable : long walks, angling, cycling, horseback riding or a coach tour, swimming in spas or in a river…

Golfing – yes, there’s a beautiful golf camp Otočec only 2 km away, the other, Mokrice, 20 minutes by car. Why not try horse-back riding (even on Lipizaners) at Hosta Farm near Šentjernej. Try canooing or rafting in the Krka river. If you prefer hiking – there is the immense wooded Gorjanci mountain nearby. And finally– this is a wine region – so you can always take a walk through countless vineyards, or on a bike if you prefer.

There’s the Chartusian monastery Pleterje with itsopen-air museum nearby, the Kostanjevica cave or an eccelent Božidar Jakac Gallery, but if you prefer forttresses and castles you can choose from Žužemberk, Soteska, Otočec, Mokrice, Hmeljnik, Stari grad, Gracarjev Turn, Brežice.
Why not take a swim at Šmarješke or Dolenjske Spa – or even in the Kolpa river.