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works by ensuring compliance with the Employment Act and the Human Rights Act.


We have been operating since 1993. The last update of the permit for performing supplementary activities on the farm is document no. 32102-34 / 2020 of 4 June 2002, when we increased sleeping capacity. The holder of the activity is Slavko Šeruga, the tax company is: SI55139558, registration number 1855166000.

It is a micro family business with two full-time employees. We have 13 rooms and 30 beds. The farm is residential as well as excursion, which means that for lunch / dinner we can also receive external guests with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

We produce most of the food ourselves. The farm is 16 hectares in size and includes a forest, vineyard, orchard, meadows and fields. We also have domestic animals.


Enviromental policy

At the Šeruga Tourist Farm, we have always respected nature and are working to minimize the burden on our operations.

Reducing, minimizing pollution and controlling the pollution of our business to the environment.

By constantly and conscientiously separating waste, we contribute to an increased possibility of recycling, by reducing the amount of environmentally harmful cleaners and replacing them with more environmentally friendly ones, striving for a cleaner environment, minimizing the use of disposable plastic bags and not using disposable plastics , glasses, ..) we try to reduce the amount of garbage. With proper management and calculation of meals, the amount of leftover food is reduced to a minimum, by purchasing from local suppliers we shorten the path taken by certain foods and at the same time support locally produced food and local suppliers.

By using natural goods and environmentally friendly products, by raising the awareness of guests and by using renewable energy sources, our carbon footprint can be constantly reduced.


At the Šeruga tourist farm we understand the importance of protecting the environment. Employees are also committed to this, and together we will contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution due to our activities.


  1. Our goal is to reduce water consumption, electricity and waste consumption by 5% by January 2025. We will achieve this goal by:
    – record and observe the consumption of energy, water and waste,
    – installed energy-saving light bulbs on our property,
    – restrict water flow at all taps,
    – installation of a notice on reduced energy, water and waste separation in the rooms,
    – installation of a notice on reduced energy, water and waste separation in the rooms,
    – discard plastic containers, disposable utensils and replace them with sustainable ones.
  2. By reducing all forms of pollution caused by our business with the following steps:
    – where possible, we will replace chemical cleaners with environmentally friendly cleaners,
    – we will replace old chests and refrigerators with more economical models by 2024,
    – every purchase of a new machine will be conditional on a low power consumption label. .
  3. Positively affect the local biodiversity in our area:
    – let the meadow around our house bloom and thus attract bees,
    – abort spraying on all crops,
    – abolish ensiling and replace it with hay drying.

We will regularly inform, warn and educate our employees, suppliers and guests to pursue our goals of maintaining a clean and friendly environment, caring for nature.

Local community members, suppliers, and anyone else with any questions regarding our operations and the impact of our activities on the local community or environment can contact us at We will respond as soon as possible.


On our farm, we are constantly striving to improve the impact we have on people and places. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to protection and support biodiversity. As part of this commitment, in 2024 we set a goal to reduce our gas emissions from energy, water and waste by 10 – 15% before the end of 2030. Despite our efforts, we have not yet managed to make a turnaround by 2024, but we will keep trying.

By installing solar cells, our carbon footprint will be reduced. We recognize that we have a lot of work ahead of us and in 2024 we are rolling out a number of new initiatives across our operations to help us achieve our 2030 goal. We encourage valued guests, as well as staff and visitors, to support us by following the reminders, which can be found in our setting about saving water and energy and reducing the amount of waste.

We are committed helping people in need, donating to charity, for anyone who would like to join our campaign, you can contact us. Last year we donated money during the floods, and we are also donating to the Zveza prijateljev mladine fund. The Šeruga farm stands for the respect and protection of human rights. We believe that everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. As part of this commitment, we regularly train our staff on anti-discrimination.

We are also committed to protecting the welfare of children and young people. We are bound by our business policy always report suspected cases of child exploitation and abuse to the police. We encourage ours guests, staff and visitors to report their concerns about child exploitation and abuse to the police.

We encourage everyone to report any violence.

Let’s make the world more beautiful and kinder to all living and non-living beings.



At the Šeruga tourist farm, we employ and provide a work environment by ensuring compliance with the Employment Act and the Employees’ Human Rights Act. It is our duty to respect and secure these rights in cooperation with employees, suppliers, guests and the local community. At the Šeruga tourist farm we have zero tolerance for discrimination or insults. We do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, religion, age, skin color, nationality, sexual orientation.

We ensure that the work environment, work practice and respect for human rights is our priority, which is reflected in:

  • integrating the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact into our work by supporting and respecting the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights,
  • regular assessment of the impact of our business on human rights,
  • regular education of employees on our employment standards regarding respect for human rights and their ideas for achieving a common goal,
  • cooperation with local suppliers, who also take into account and share our belief,
  • we have a fair and transparent employment policy based on diversity, inclusion and equality,
  • employees are informed about disciplinary procedures and the possibility of appeal,
  • we offer employees training for personal and professional growth,
  • employees are asked for feedback related to their employment in order to improve their well-being in the workplace.

We are committed to respecting the rights of children, children have never been and never will be our workforce. We undertake to report violations to the competent authorities if any exploitation of children or any criminal offenses related to the violation of children’s rights and sexual integrity are observed in our surroundings (local communities).

For those who do not know where to turn for help, they can call 113.

This document is also provided to employees and is also available to our guests and suppliers.

Employment relationships

The Employment Relations Act is always available to our employees.

Prior to employment, persons sign an employment contract, which contains conditions and rules, the amount of salary (minimum wage is determined by law), the number of hours a worker must work per month, overtime pay, the right to sick leave, the number of days of leave, .. Each of the employees receives a copy of the employment law, which they can read before signing the employment contract. An individual contract is concluded with each employee. By signing the contract in 3 copies (one remains with the employee, the other with the company, the third is sent to accounting), the employee agrees to the terms of work and payment, his rights and obligations. By signing the contract, the employee can start doing his job.

By law, an employee must register on arrival by entering the time of arrival at work and the time of departure home when he leaves the workplace. Records are kept for all employees. The records are in a prominent place. Evidenca se vodi za vse delavce. Evidenca je na vidnem mestu.


Our farm works with the local community in several areas.

We are aware that cooperation with the local community is extremely important for all participants. With the way we do business, we are committed to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the entire environment and at the same time promoting the environment.

We believe that maintaining regular communication and cooperation is very important for maintaining good relations with local people and consequently their stay in this environment.

Our goals:

  • supporting initiatives that improve the local community,
  • promoting the local economy,
  • respect and protection of local culture, traditions and way of life,
  • upporting and protecting access to important resources and services.

How to achieve these goals?

  • We encourage guests to discover the history of the place, our traditions,
  • we encourage guests to buy local products from local farmers,
  • we present local gastronomy to guests in the surrounding inns,
  • we suggest buying honey and honey products from local producers,
  • by paying the tourist tax, we enable faster and better development of the surrounding places.
  • we regularly donate money and material resources to help those in need.

We undertake that our operations do not pollute the environment, do not limit local residents’ access to our property, and do not reduce the quality of life in the local community in any way.

This document is available to employees, guests and suppliers.


At Guest house Šeruga, we are aware that employees are a very important part of our organization, so it is important how they feel, both physically and mentally.

We undertake to :

  • prevent the risk of injuries,
  • use appropriate work equipment and means for work,
  • consult with employees and enable their cooperation to improve the working environment,
  • employ health-relevant workers.
  • it is the responsibility and duty of each individual to become acquainted with occupational safety and health policy.,
  • only healthy people can come to work.

Protection of guests and staff in case of fire:

fire extinguishers are installed on all floors and important parts of the building, which are regularly inspected (once a year) by firefighters employed at the Novo mesto Fire Station. In all accommodation parts of the building, in all rooms, a fire regulations are displayed in a visible place.

Sustainability commitment policy

Policy on commitment to sustainability
Sustainable Practices in Our Accommodation
Travelife informer for employees and suppliers

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