„Štruklji used to be a festive dish.”

„When I was a child I watched my granny making štruklji for harvest: she made pastry, filled it with grilled cream, rolled it and cut it to small pieces, put them in earthenware, added salt and some water – it was the bread stove that did the rest.“

Dolenjski štruklji (Štruklji of our region)
0,5 kilo flour
1 egg
2 dessert spoons of oil
salt, tepid water

0,20 kilo of lard
0,20 kilo of fresh breadcrumbs
4 eggs
0,5 l of grilled cream

First we make the pastry. After 30 minutes we roll it out, cream it and sprinkle it with roasted bread crumbs and whisked eggs. We roll out the pastry and and cook it in boiling water for 15 -20 minutes. This was traditionally served to harvesters for lunch.